Kenya is known as the "cradle of humanity" because of archaeological finds in its Rift Valley.  

It has also been a major crossroads for roughly 4000 years for people from all over Africa and the Middle East.  Effects of a three-year-drought that ended in 2000, economic and political mismanagement, and general instability contribute to the dire situation in which millions of Kenyans are going hungry.

Bread and Water for Africa UK, in partnership with Lewa Children’s Home, is working to improve the lives of over a hundred Kenyan orphans.  The children, who reside at Lewa, ages 2 to 19, receive education at the Kip Keino School and learn about food self-sufficiency on the adjoining Baraka Farm.  Baraka Farm provides the fresh food, milk, and cheese for the home and the school. It sells its surplus crops and dairy products at the farm shop or at supermarkets in town to help support the home. It employs over 100 people from the local community and provides demonstrations and information on sustainable development to local farmers.  

Grants to Kenya, 2004/2005:  £ 37,500