Recent surveys indicate that 1.7 million (out of a total population 10.5 million) of Zambians are infected with HIV.  Among the younger generation the proportion is even higher; 16.5% of adults ages 15-49 are infected.  AIDS has halved Zambian life expectancy to a mere 33 years. Poverty and hunger continue to be as persistent and pernicious as the AIDS epidemic in depriving Zambia of its young, productive generations, further perpetuating the vicious cycle that hinders development within the country.  

Together with the Kabwata Transit Centre in Lusaka, Bread and Water for Africa UK, is helping to tackle and prevent some of the problems associated with HIV. We provide care and education to those children who have lost their parents to AIDS.  This programs has expanded to include a small-scale farm and medical outreach. The farm provides fresh foods like maize, potatoes, and beans for the children and has created jobs in the local rural community. As a consequence, the farm has also opened the door for the center’s staff and volunteers to expand their AIDS education and outreach programs into the surrounding rural communities.