Donate Stock

Donate StockLearn more about making a gift of stock to Bread and Water for Africa®.

KipKeino School, KenyaHave you considered making a gift of stock to Bread and Water for Africa®?

Appreciated securities can make an attractive gift asset, often allowing for larger gifts than would otherwise be possible.

Your deduction would be the fair market value of the shares. You will be exempt from paying capital gains tax on the appreciation.

You can donate whether your shares of appreciated securities are held in certificate or in a brokerage account.

If interested, please contact:

Don Mosman
Managing Director – Investments
Mosman, Sisk, & Marvel Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Richmond, VA (804)782-3061 or (877) 651-7077

or the Bread and Water for Africa® headquarters at for more information (make sure to include your name and contact information).