Yeteem Children & Destitute Mothers Fund

Local Partner Director: Yimer Mohammed, Founder/Executive Director

Afar Region of Northeastern Ethiopia and the capital – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The nomadic peoples of the Afar region of northeastern Ethiopia struggle to maintain their lifestyle, particularly in times of severe drought. Yeteem provides the people with training, supplies and support necessary to achieve food security and self-sufficency. Yeteem also empowers women to have control over the own lives by providing training in sewing and embroidery, and helps impoverished children to grow into self-sufficient citizens.


Current needs include addressing serious healthcare issues including HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and other diseases plaguing the area. Yeteem is also in desperate need of emergency drought food aid which would benefit 1.500 people.


Latest News/Blogs

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A serious drought is having “immense impact” on people’s lives and livelihoods in Ethiopia, stated a United Nation Emergency Relief Coordinator who visited the country in January. The UN News Service reported that Ethiopian farmers are “still living on the brink…and...

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