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* Your name and address will not be added to our direct mail fundraising list unless you request us to do so.

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Requests for Funding: (Currently not accepting new proposals)
Bread and Water for Africa® is committed to the long-term development of our partner organizations and the people and communities we serve. Because development takes time, we sign multi-year funding agreements with the majority of our African partner organizations. Therefore, funding for new organizational partnerships and projects is not available every year.

If you are interested in requesting funding for a project please be advised that proposals are evaluated based on the following:

* Funds available in excess of our long-term partnership program commitments,
* Synergy with our mission and fundraising program,
* Demonstrated need in the intended community being served,
* Ability to achieve self-sufficiency,
* Level of target-community involvement in project,
* Willingness and ability to provide reporting, and
* Ability to achieve measurable outcomes

Our grant schedule is as follows: January – April: proposals are received and evaluated; June: Budget is voted on and approved by Board of Directors; July – August: Funding decisions will be sent to applicants. Proposals received after April will not be considered until the following grant cycle as budgets are finalized by June of each year.