Food Security and Agriculture

Food Security, Employment, Agriculture and Clean Water Development

Challenges: The growth and development of two out of every five children in Sub-Saharan Africa is stunted due to poor nutrition during pregnancy and early childhood. (UNICEF April 2013)


247 million people are in vulnerable employment in Sub Saharan Africa, meaning that they are more likely to be exploited in unsafe working conditions or lose their jobs suddenly and unexpectedly. (International Labor Organization 2013)


2013 Accomplishments:
Over 2,000 children under the age of five and pregnant and breastfeeding women received supplemental food, providing important nutrition during this critical stage of their lives. (Sierra Leone)

Over 250 people now have the opportunity for employment at Baraka Farm. (Kenya)

Over 150 children at the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre will benefit annually from the expansion of the banana plantation, which provides nutritious bananas for the children as well as generating a surplus income for the orphanage operations starting this December. (Zambia)


Education and Vocational Training

Education and Vocational Training

Education and Vocational Training
One in four youth in Sub-Saharan Africa are illiterate, making it difficult to learn job skills, understand their legal rights, and improve themselves.

2013 Educational Accomplishments:
720 Students are receiving primary and secondary school education through grants provided to the Faith Healing Development Organization, with the first class set to graduate in 2016! (Sierra Leone)

389 children from the Lewa Children’s Home and the surrounding area received primary education and quality nursery care through the Kipkeino Primary School. (Kenya)

159 vulnerable children received financial aid for school tuition, uniforms, supplies, and other basic needs. (Kenya)