Any child living anywhere in the world is destined for a life of poverty without an education.

Nowhere is that more true than in sub-Saharan Africa which in no way could be described as “a land of opportunity” for those who can’t read or write, add or subtract of have a general knowledge of the world.

Theirs is a life of struggle and despair with no hope for anything better in their life than to labor hard – if they are fortunate enough to find work – eat for a day, and have a place to sleep for the night.

That’s why Bread and Water for Africa® provides funding for school fees and school uniforms for hundreds of children each year in several African countries.

For example, in Cameroon, our partner there Hope Services, enables deserving children whose greatest wish in the world is to go to school with funding provided by supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®.

This year, Hope Services Director Esther Ndichafah expects to enable more than 200 underprivileged children including orphans and what she calls “persecuted children” to go to school, giving them their only chance for success in life.

Her mission, she says, is to give “the underprivileged the same opportunities to be educated like others” and helping transform “poor children into established self-reliant individuals” by encouraging academic excellence.

At Bread and Water for Africa® Esther’s mission is our mission. We strongly believe that education is not a key to success, it is THE key to success.

In the villages of Bangolan and Babungo in Cameroon, as well as Lolo in Chad, secondary school tuition is extremely inexpensive compared to what it costs to educate a child in the United States.

That is unless you are a poor orphan and then it may as well be $1 million.

In Kenya, Bread and Water for Africa® provides funding for secondary school students living at the affiliated Lewa Children’s Home as well as sponsored children in the local community.

Stella Keino of the Lewa Children’s Home stated that by providing school fees for orphans living at Lewa and others “This benefits the Eldoret community and the country as a whole.”

Stella sees short term, medium term and long term outcomes for the students.

In the short term, children will be able to go directly to high school without any disruption to their education with funding for the school fees in place from the start of the school year to the end.

In the medium term, children will be able to attend all the years of high school without worry of how they will pay their school fees year after year.

And in the long term, the students will be able to attain a higher education than they otherwise might not have been able to “and develop themselves to be better citizens.”

In Zimbabwe, working with our partner there, Margaret Makambira, director of Shinga Development Trust, 30 primary school students and 20 secondary school students, will benefit from our school fee support program.

Margaret firmly believes, as do we, that an educated population will empower the nation, build healthy communities and lead to a long-term goal of self-sufficiency as she works to eradicate illiteracy in her community, one child at a time.

The result of our efforts – all of us, Bread and Water for Africa®, our grassroots partners working every day to better the lives of children in the communities, and you, our supporters who make it all possible – is that today hundreds of children are in school instead of the streets, and tomorrow they will have a bright future, leading the way for thousands to follow.

All because of our supporters, Bread and Water for Africa 2016 highlights include:

  • School construction completed in Cameroon
  • 74 orphaned children found a loving home in Kenya
  • 1,006 students received primary and secondary school education in Sierra Leone
  • 146 children in foster care received food support and assistance with school fees in Zambia
  • 207 children benefited from an orphan feeding program in Zimbabwe

Watch here how successful 2016 has been thus far!

Bread and Water for Africa® is proud to announce that the construction of the Dr. Kenneth Gerdes primary school in Cameroon is completed and its doors have just opened to students eager to begin a brand new school year in a brand new school building.

Last year, construction began on the K-5 school building, with more classrooms to come, and we couldn’t be more pleased to hear from school President Julius Esunge that the 130 children who have enrolled now have the opportunity for a quality education.

“We are excited that this dream is coming to fruition,” he added.

And so are we here at Bread and Water for Africa®. There is nothing we love doing more than seeing a person with a dream to help others – literally making the world a better place – realize their dream.

You can see for yourself the smiles on the faces of the happy children who can now rejoice as they too are realizing their dream, a dream of an education and a successful future.
Watch here:

Education is the future of Africa

Ethiopian classroomWhile we strive to ensure African children have proper nutrition and access to clean water, we also realize they will likely not get far in life without an education. To that end, Bread and Water for Africa® has partnered with Books for Africa for years to ship books to primary and secondary school in Ethiopia. In the past two years, we have shipped nearly 50,0000 books to Sierra Leone and Ethiopia and plans are underway to ship another 20,000 more to Ethiopia in the next few months.

Our partner in Ethiopia, Harmaya University, sponsors more than 50 high schools with a total attendance of nearly 27,000 students who are eager to get more books. The high school students in Ethiopia will benefit more from these books since all the subjects in the secondary schools are taught in English.

This initiative is in line with our mission to promote literacy for African children in the strong belief education aren’t just an investment in the future of Africa – education is the future of Africa.

When the books soon arrive in Ethiopia after weeks of crossing the sea on a cargo ship, scores of young Ethiopian scholars will be able to read new books made possible through your generosity. Supporting programs like this give thousands a chance at a better life and future.

Book Shipment

Eldoret, Kenya, pop. 300,000, is the fastest growing city in Kenya, the second largest urban center in Midwestern Kenya and the fifth largest urban center in all of Kenya.

It is a sister city to Indianapolis, IN, Ithaca, NY, Minneapolis, MN, and Portsmouth, VA.

It is also home to the Kipkeino Primary School, and to hundreds of children living in the adjacent Lewa Children’s Home who attend the school.

As millions of children in the United States return to school in upcoming weeks, so do millions of Kenyan children, and as noted by Kipkeino school administrator Vimala Sebastian, “In the modern world of today, a computer lab is a necessity.”

At Bread and Water for Africa® we wholeheartedly agree. That is why, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were able in July to fully fund a new computer lab for the school, along with high-speed internet access.

“When the old system was in use, pupils could rarely access the computers and most of the lessons were theory, which was not interesting,” Vimala said. “Right now, they all crowd around the screens which means the children enjoy the program.”

And the biggest strength of the program says Vimala?

“Students being able to use computers and becoming IT experts. They also use the computers for play which improves their cognitive skills as well as alertness.”

As such is true in Indianapolis, Ithaca, Minneapolis, and Portsmouth, so it is true in Eldoret.

In the U.S. children are looking forward to the end of the school year and the carefree days of summer.

Meanwhile, in Sierra Leone, children are just now returning to school – schools that had been shut down for nine months during the worst part of the tragic Ebola outbreak in the country in the past year – ready and eager to resume their education.

While we are pleased that the country is returning to some semblance of normalcy as the outbreak winds down, we are concerned that for too many young children, returning to school is not an option as their parents, now out of work as the nation’s economy struggles to recover, can no longer afford school fees.

At Bread and Water for Africa® we know the value of an education and that’s why we build schools and classrooms, and support programs to pay students’ school fees, so that school is not an unaffordable luxury for today but a wise and necessary investment for the future.

Helping provide thousands of African children with an education is among the most programs of Bread and Water for Africa®. To do that requires a place that is actually conducive to learning.

This year, Bread and Water for Africa® is working with our partner in Cameroon, Hope Outreach International Ministries, to build a primary school where children will get the education they need to be able to mature into successful adults, provide for their families, and become lifelong leaders.

Hope Academy will do just that.

Because we know it’s important for children to begin their schooling at the earliest possible age, the school will be funded in stages beginning with a pre-nursery, nursery, and classrooms for grades 1, 2, and 3, with more to follow as funding allows.

Also, because we believe it’s important for EVERY child regardless of circumstances to be given a chance for a quality education, 20 percent of the total seats in the classrooms will be allocated to providing a free education for orphaned and destitute children in the community.

For a student to excel in any subject, they first must master the skill of reading – which, of course, requires books, lots and lots of books.

That is why this month Bread and Water for Africa® is shipping a 40-foot container full of books (estimated at 22,000) to Wollo University in northern Ethiopia which sponsors 44 high schools and 17 primary schools for the book project. The books are expected to arrive in Ethiopia by mid-May and be distributed to the schools’ libraries, ultimately benefiting 44,938 high school and 16,696 primary school students.

As high school students in Ethiopia are taught in English, the books will go a long way towards promoting literacy which will carry them through school regardless of the class.

It is our sincere wish that providing these tens of thousands of students with access to thousands of books instills in them a desire to read about many topics and opens up countless worlds to them. It is a wish we are certain will come true.

In Ethiopia, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe there are millions of young boys and girls who walk long distances to school, eager for an education that will bring a better life for themselves, their families, their communities and their countries.

And today, many of those boys and girls will become leaders in the governments of their countries – even as president – as well as in business, medicine and human services.

KipKeino SchoolThat is why since 1997 education has been one of our top priorities working with our partners including the Haramaya University in Ethiopia where we have shipped thousands and thousands of books to be used by tens of thousands of students, the Kipkeino Primary School in Kenya where our international spokesperson Phyllis Keino operates one of the best primary schools in the entire country, the Waterloo School in Sierra Leone, operated by our partner there, Faith Healing Development Organization, which during the past year we are helping to transform from a ramshackle building into a school they can be proud of, and Zimbabwe where our partner Shinga Development Trust sponsored orphaned and abandoned children’s educations by paying their school fees with help from Bread and Water for Africa®.

We here at Bread and Water for Africa® realize that educating Africa’s children now will pay off great dividends in many ways as the youth mature into successful adults tomorrow.

It’s an investment that with your generous support we are proud to be able to make.

Shinga Development Trust
Shinga Kitchen

The kitchen is near completion.

All good things take time, and such is the case with the Shinga Development Trust’s children’s village for orphans in Zimbabwe.

And the time is near when Shinga founder and director Margaret Makambira will be realizing her dream – and the dreams of dozens of orphans who will soon have what so many children in the United States take for granted – a bed to sleep in at night, a breakfast, lunch and dinner during the day, a school to attend with teachers who are helping them to succeed, and people who cherish and love them.

Shinga - ZimbabweWe here at Bread and Water for Africa® are proud to be Margaret’s partner in such a worthy project and can’t say who is more excited to see it come to fruition before the end of this year, her, the children who will have a place to call home, or us.


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