Thank you for helping to bring clean water to African children

Thank you for helping to bring clean water to African children

We are so thankful for the support of our friends, as we continue to work to provide a brighter future for Africa’s children.

To learn more about our programs, please visit here. To make a gift in support of children like those served by the well in the video, please visit here.

Thank you.

Why solar power?

Why solar power?

You may have heard that we plan to install solar panels at Lewa Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya.

But you may be asking yourself, “why solar power?”

The answer is simple. We want to provide a brighter future for African children, and solar power does precisely that for the children of Lewa.

How does solar power help the children of Lewa? 

Energy costs are a big drain on resources that could otherwise be used to provide food, housing, and education to these children. By installing solar panels at the orphanage, energy costs are lowered and thus more resources can be allocated to provide for these critical needs.

To learn more about Lewa Children’s Home, please visit here.

Thank you for all of your support.

A Lesson of Love and Caring for the Children of Lerato Children’s Village

A Lesson of Love and Caring for the Children of Lerato Children’s Village

Alisa’s tale is a story of tragedy and hope. The little 6-year-old had gone through a lot in her young life – being physically and emotionally abused and becoming infected with HIV. She understandably is emotionally disturbed and has difficulty concentrating.But all is not lost for Alisa thanks to our partner in Zimbabwe, Shinga Development Trust which operates the Lerato Children’s Village.

There, she has found a home filled with love from her “sisters and brothers” and more importantly Alisa has found a place forever in the heart of her new-found “mother,” Shinga director Margaret Makambira. As Margaret told us of Alisa and the other Lerato children, “Their stories are sad, and they don’t know what real love and genuine caring is.However, we are certain that Alisa, who started first grade this month, in addition to what she is learning in school, is also learning that lesson of love and caring more and more with each passing day.

A success story from Zimbabwe

A success story from Zimbabwe

“One day I will be Dr. Daniel Kabweza,” says Daniel, who thanks to our supporters was able to not just attend school, but excel. He is now set to graduate and looks forward to going to university to study medicine.

Daniel is one of 58 primary and high school students in Zimbabwe who has benefited from our school fee assistance program for the past several years.As explained by our Executive Director Bethelhem Tessema, once a child is accepted into the program, we feel a duty to fund their education through high school graduation. “Once we start paying, we continue,” says Beth.

The future wasn’t always so bright for Daniel

“I lost my parents when I was very young and lived in the villages with my grandparents and some family members,” he told us. “Life for me and my sister was very hard in the hands of some relatives.”

And while some might give up all hope and believe there is no future for them, Daniel did not.

He did not know how it would happen, but he had faith – a faith that was realized through the generosity of our supporters and the love and dedication provided to him by our partner there, Margaret Makambira, founder and director of the Shinga Development Trust.

While it is because of our supporters that we are able to provide the funding for our school fee assistance program, it is Margaret who is able to spot those “diamonds in the rough” such as Daniel and enable them to reach their full potential – oftentimes more than they even realize for themselves.

His dream is to become a doctor. 

“I had a dream to become educated and become a medical doctor one day, but I did not know how this was going to be without a reliable source of funding until my friends took me to a Shinga program where I was selected to benefit from your education funding,” Daniel told us.

“This made me work harder at school and this year I finished high school,” he added. “I know I will pass and qualify for university. Thank you for your kindness and love. I have hope for a very bright future. God bless you all.”

Our supporters made Daniel’s story possible. 

And thanks to our supporters, hundreds of students just like Daniel have the opportunity not only to attend school but to successfully complete their education every year.

2017 was a year of joy for so many

2017 was a year of joy for so many

Thousands of African children will be able to greet the new year full of hope, thanks to friends like you.  On behalf of the children who were born healthy this year and their mothers who gave birth safely; families who have access to clean water and who no longer risk illness or even death drinking from contaminated sources; and so many others, we say THANK YOU!

In 2017, you brought joy to thousands, including

149 orphaned children who live at the Lewa Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya and the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre in Lusaka, Zambia, all who received food, health care, and other basic needs, as well as an education.

152 orphaned, abandoned or destitute children who were supported through foster care and received food support, a living allowance, help with school fees and basic health care.

65,000 people who received medical care, counseling and health education from our partner organizations in Sierra Leone.

1,225 children at the Lamgie Full Cycle Elementary School in Ethiopia who have clean drinking water from a well that was completed in May on the school grounds.

150 female farmers who received training and supplies from our partner in Sierra Leone to establish small farming operations to help sustain their families.

Thank you for making smiles possible for these children, women, and so many more.

Thank you for making joy a possibility.