Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone

Chairman: Titus Korir

Sierra Leone

The most pressing need in Sierra Leone is healthcare. Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone (CHASL) strives to meet the needs of tens of thousands in desperate need of health care services each year.



CHASL membership consists of the following:
  • 10 general hospitals
  • 2 eye hospitals
  • 37 health centers and clinics
  • 8 non-governmental organizations with health-promoting programs.
What CHASL considers to be its catchment area contains up to 2 million children, 1 million women and 1 million men.


Bread and Water for Africa® provides CHASL with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of medicines, medical supplies, and equipment each year which it distributes to its hospitals and clinics throughout the country.
Current need: Funding for health care workers training program and medicine and medical supplies .

Latest News/Blogs

Back to School in Sierra Leone

In the U.S. children are looking forward to the end of the school year and the carefree days of summer. Meanwhile, in Sierra Leone, children are just now returning to school – schools that had been shut down for nine months during the worst part of the tragic Ebola...

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Maternal Care

Right now in Sierra Leone, one in eight women risk dying during pregnancy or childbirth – one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Less than half of the infant deliveries in the country are attended by a skilled birth attendant and less than one in...

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