Kebeneti D.S.A Dispensary

Chairman: Titus Korir

Kericho, Kenya


In rural Kenya, access to healthcare is limited as is the opportunity for youth to continue their education beyond primary school.
The Kebeniti SDA Dispensary works to meet both those needs by operating a clinic providing medical services to some 200 families.
Kebeneti also recently constructed a secondary school with help from Bread and Water for Africa® .

“To provide quality health and education services to the community at affordable cost.” The goal of the secondary school is “To produce competent, well-mannered citizens and leaders for our community and country.” The school’s motto is: “Endeavor to Excel” and its long term goal for its students is to “provide education for the future leaders of the community and our country.



In its first year of operation, the school provided an education to 54 boys and 46 girls.
In 2015 and 2016, Bread and Water for Africa® provided financial assistance for the following:
  • The completion of the construction of a laboratory and pharmacy
  • purchase of a water tank
  • purchase of new equipment for the lab and construct housing for on-site staff
  • construction of a two-mile water line from a clean water source to serve both the clinic and the school
  • construction of two more classrooms and a laboratory at the school.


Hope Services has been making plans for a project requested by local community members to construct a multi-purpose, income-generating vocational training and empowerment center in Bangolan Village – located about six hours from the capital in Yaounde – for women, youth, children and other less privileged persons. These marginalized populations will be taught basic education and self-sustaining skills. The project will be in phases. The most current and pressing need will be to raise enough funds to cover the first phase of this project, which would render the center partially operational until the second phase can begin.

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