Our Vision for Agriculture

Bread and Water for Africa® recognizes the critical need for clean water in rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing. Access to safe water is vital to preventing waterborne illnesses and disease.


Food insecurity is a major problem in sub-Saharan Africa where millions of children go hungry every day. Malnutrition is linked to nearly half of all childhood deaths and children who are malnourished are smaller and more likely to get very sick from ordinary infections and their brain development could be affected. Many farmers struggle to grow enough food for their families on their small tracts of land, and the situation is exacerbated by severe and lengthy droughts affecting the continent.

WHAT Bread and Water for Africa® IS DOING

Bread and Water for Africa® supports programs that assist small holder farmers, frequently women, by teaching them best practices, providing them with seeds and seedlings, and in some cases purchasing their crops which gives them a steady source of income.


We are working in 16 countries to provide safe and loving homes to over 200 children.

For nearly two decades, Bread and Water for Africa® partners operating on the grassroots level in African villages and local communities have been working to provide loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children. This includes the basic necessities of food, clean water, health care, as well as education so that they can built better lives as they enter adulthood.







Our partners include:


In Sierra Leone, 500 female farmers from local villages in rural areas of the country benefited by Faith Healing Development Organization’s agricultural support program which provided them with cassava seedlings to grow the nutritious tuber plant on their small tracts of land to feed their families.

In Kenya, the Baraka Farm Practical Dairy Training Program provided 162 local dairy farmers with information on how to increase milk production in their small herds through classes and hands-on training in calf rearing, milking and milk hygiene, and Napier grass management.

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