Bread and Water for Africa® recognizes the huge number of orphan children, many of whom are such because of the AIDS epidemic, who need help throughout Africa. Adequate care for these children is vital for their future and the future of their communities and the continent in general.
Hope Services, Yaounde’, Cameroon

Program Director: Mrs. Esther H Ndichafah

Center, Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon 

The goal is to provide holistic care in medical, psychological, social, educational and spiritual domains to the total person in the name of Jesus Christ. It is open to all persons irrespective of tribe, race, status, sex, or religion, with emphasis on the underprivileged, prisoners, widows, orphans, handicapped, traumatized and the homeless.

Cameroonians annually

Hope Services has been making plans for a project requested by local community members to construct a multi-purpose, income-generating vocational training and empowerment center in Bangolan Village – located about six hours from the capital in Yaounde – for women, youth, children and other less privileged persons. These marginalized populations will be taught basic education and self-sustaining skills. The project will be in phases. The most current and pressing need will be to raise enough funds to cover the first phase of this project, which would render the center partially operational until the second phase can begin.

Samuel, and Many Others Need a #Clinic4Cameroon

In the city of Douala, Cameroon today there was a little boy born. We’ll call him Samuel. He is fighting for his life, as is his 14-year-old mother. Why? His mother, we’ll call her Sarah, has no job. No husband. No family to support her. She struggles just to get...

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Learn Why #Clinic4Cameroon

In Cameroon, there is a shocking dearth of clinics and health care facilities for the country’s most vulnerable – impoverished infants, children and new mothers, particularly girls under 15 years old. It’s a dearth that leads to death. For more 20 years, Hope Services...

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Hope Services in Yaounde, Cameroon was founded in 1994 with a mission to provide economically disadvantaged children, women and men with affordable health care services, and free treatment for those with no ability whatsoever to pay, to hundreds of thousands of...

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