Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre

Founder and director Angela Miyanda

Lusaka, Zambia

Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre provides a loving home for about 60 children, many of them AIDS orphans – some who even tragically were born with the virus themselves – and more than 120 others in the local community living in extended families or foster care.


Current need: Funding for the operation of the orphanage, salaries for two teachers at the local primary school, and expanding fish farming project.

Latest News/Blogs

One fish…One fish farm…can make a difference

At Bread and Water for Africa® we know a good investment when we see it – and so does our partner in Zambia, Angela Miyanda, founder and executive director of the Kabwata Orphanage & Transit Centre. As with all our partners such as Lewa Children’s Home in Kenya, which...

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Mothers to Those Who Need It

On December 9, 1988, the board of directors of Christian Relief Services agreed to provide support to a fledgling orphanage in the town of Eldoret, Kenya. And with that, Christian Relief Services, the umbrella organization of Bread and Water for Africa®, took the...

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