nelsonBread and Water for Africa® recognizes and celebrates Nelson Mandela’s birthday as a Call to Action Day!

We challenge you to realize your ability to change the world:

In honor of Mr. Mandela’s 95th birthday, please help Bread and Water for Africa® continue to provide a better future for Africa’s children. By pledging a gift, you are doing your part to create positive change for Africa’s children and carrying on Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

Here’s how your pledge changes lives in Africa:

$25 – Feeds five orphans for one week

$40 – Pays for a doctor visit for three mothers and three children

$50 – Gives three children school uniforms and pays their school fees

$100 – Provides cattle or goats for two families or seeds for many farmers

For over 20 years, Bread and Water for Africa® has partnered with African grassroots organizations to promote self-sufficiency in health care, education and agriculture. We have always been deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of our African beneficiaries and creating solutions with long-term impacts. That’s where you come in.