Bread and Water for Africa® works with our long-time partners in a half-dozen countries including Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zambia and Zimbabwe in the full faith and trust in them as we work together for a single, common mission – to improve and enhance the lives of thousands of African children, women and men who want nothing more in life than to be self-sufficient.

Working with our partners we provide health care for the continent’s most vulnerable, infants and children under 5 and their mothers, orphans with no one to care for and love them, and parents struggling on their hardscrabble, tiny pieces of land trying to make out a living.

Our goal is their goal, to help these grassroots organizations, whether they operate children’s homes or hospitals and clinics, become self-sufficient so they can help their residents of their countries realize their dream of health, happiness, and self-sufficiency as they look to a bright future forward.




cameroon-flag Cameroon  & Chad:

      Hope Service  


Ethiopia Ethiopia:

      Haramaya University Hospital Health Center

Yeteem Children and Destitute Mothers Fund      

Kenya Kenya:


Kebeneti D.S.A Dispensary


Kipkeino Primary School


Lewa Children’s Home 


Baraka Farm 



      River of Life Evangelica Church      

Sierra Leone Sierra Leone:


      Faith Healing Development Organization

Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone      

uganda-flag Uganda:


zambia-flag-260-p Zambia:

      Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre      

zimbabwe Zimbabwe:

      Shinga Development Trust