Africa is “going green” and we are doing our part to take advantage of the tremendous amount of solar power potential available throughout the continent.

As reported recently by, Africa has an immense energy crisis. With a population of close to 1 billion, there are 625 million people living without power – nearly 70 percent of the population.
“Africa has much greater solar resources available than any other continent because it is the… sunniest continent on earth,” notes
Kenya is taking the lead in promoting solar power. More of the country’s residents are getting power for the first time, installing solar panels, and reducing or eliminating their dependence on the grid.

In 2017, we installed solar panels on the roof of a clinic in the town of Kericho enabling doctors and staff to have hot water for washing, as well as keeping the facility itself more sanitary.

Three years ago, working with our partner, the Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone, we shipped solar panels. The panels were placed on the roofs of clinics and hospitals in regions of the country where running a power line would be impossible.

This year, we are hoping to install solar panels on the roof of our long-time partner, the Lewa Children’s Home in Kenya. Although the home for orphans is connected to the country’s electric grid, having the solar panels will reduce their reliance on power from the grid. This reduction will cut their utility costs and free up those funds to benefit the children.

Renewable energy technology has the potential to reduce problems faced throughout the continent. We applaud the fact many small-scale are companies and start-ups, such as M-KOPA Solar in Kenya which sells solar home systems to low-income earners, are making large inroads in making green energy available for all.