Our Vision for Education

Bread and Water for Africa® realizes that education is not a key to success for African children, but THE key to success. Ensuring that ALL children – orphaned, abandoned and destitute – have the opportunity to build a better life for themselves through education is essential.
WHAT Bread and Water for Africa® IS DOING

Through our school fee assistance program, we pay school fees for hundreds of impoverished primary and secondary school- age children who otherwise would have no opportunity for an education. In addition, with your support, we have constructed schools, such as the Kipkeino Primary School in Kenya, and are nearing completion of the Logos Academy Dr. Kenneth Gerdes School in Sierra Leone which is expected to be finished by fall 2017. In addition, We have recently funded the construction of additional classrooms and a laboratory at the new Kebeneti Secondary School in Kenya.


Education is key to sustaining democracies, improving health, increasing per capita income and conserving environmental resources. Promoting literacy and education for African children and youth ensures a promising future for development in Africa.


More than 3,000 students from the Albert Academy in Freetown benefited from 22,000 textbooks and reference books shipped to the school through the Bread and Water for Africa® Bright Minds program.

In Sierra Leone, 1,006 students received primary and secondary school education provided by Faith Healing Development Organization’s four nursery schools, four primary schools and three secondary schools.

In Ethiopia, 12,400 secondary school students benefited from 22,000 textbooks and reference books shipped to the country and distributed to 20 high school libraries.

Latest News/Blogs

A success story from Zimbabwe

“One day I will be Dr. Daniel Kabweza,” says Daniel, who thanks to our supporters was able to not just attend school, but excel. He is now set to graduate and looks forward to going to university to study medicine. Daniel is one of 58 primary and high school students...

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For Kito… dreams are possible

In 2016, hundreds of students in Africa were able realize their dream of furthering their education through the Bread and Water for Africa® school fees assistance program. Among them is Kito, a Form 2 (sophomore) at the prestigious Kapsabet High School in Kenya, one...

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School Fees Won’t Prevent an Education for These Children

Any child living anywhere in the world is destined for a life of poverty without an education. Nowhere is that more true than in sub-Saharan Africa which in no way could be described as “a land of opportunity” for those who can’t read or write, add or subtract of have...

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