Shinga Development Trust

Founder and Director Margaret Makambira


The program goals of Shinga Development Trust are to provide primary school educations for young children, orphan care, food self-sufficiency, women’s literacy and vocational skills training. Working with Bread and Water for Africa®, Shinga serves hundreds children and adults instilling in them hope for a better life.



For years, Bread and Water for Africa® and been working with to construct an orphanage – a goal which came to fruition in 2017 with the opening of the Lerator Children’s Village. Shinga founder and director Margaret Makambira secured the necessary government permit and is providing a loving home for 10 children and youth ages 3 to 18.


Current need: Funding to be able to house up to 20 children and lead them on a path to self-reliance and to sponsor more children for school fee support program

Latest News/Blogs

Help Us Provide Life-Saving Water to Sierra Leone

Clean and safe water is such a scarce resource for so many, including in Sierra Leone.  Mothers, children, the sick, and indeed entire communities suffer from inadequate and unhealthy water in far too many communities of Sierra Leone. That’s why this month, with our...

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Hundreds of Orphans Were Helped

Together We Helped Make a New Life for Hundreds of Orphaned and Abandoned Children During Our 2014 Fiscal Year.  107 orphaned and abandoned children lived in the Lewa Children’s Home where they received food, healthcare, an education, and a loving place to call home....

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Shinga Children’s Village Nearing Completion

All good things take time, and such is the case with the Shinga Development Trust’s children’s village for orphans in Zimbabwe. And the time is near when Shinga founder and director Margaret Makambira will be realizing her dream – and the dreams of dozens of orphans...

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