Bread and Water for Africa® works with organizations to promote self-sufficiency and improvements in health, education, agricultural practices and sustainable energy. We have worked to fund programs that offer creative solutions to meet the basic needs of communities in Africa.

Orphan Care Program

Provide loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children.

Clean Water Program

Build water wells and support clean water development projects to provide life’s most vital resource.

Income Generation Program

Provide the initial funding to our partners to create income generating projects to help sustain their program’s future funding needs.

Agricultural Program

Train men and women in sustainable farming methods to provide food for their families and surplus to sell at local markets, and provide seeds and basic farming tools.

Healthcare Program

Provide essential medicines, medical supplies, and equipment to save lives and support the operations of clinics and hospitals in remote villages.

Education Program

Offer quality education at preschool, primary, and high school levels, as well as vocational training to give children and young adults the best opportunities for self-sufficiency.

Basic Relief Support

Provide basic relief support for unexpected disasters and crises such as the Cyclone Ida disaster in Zimbabwe in 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic impact support since 2020.