The mission of Bread and Water for Africa® is to promote positive change in Africa. We do this by supporting and strengthening grassroots initiatives for community and self-sufficiency in health and education.

We accomplish our mission by providing free and extremely low-cost health care services where there previously was none for the most destitute in a community. In particular, mothers, infants and children under five years old have benefitted from these services. We have also shipped hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of medicines and medical supplies to African countries annually.

For Africa’s most vulnerable, the continent’s orphaned and abandoned children, we provide homes where they receive the food they literally need to survive, a roof over their head and a warm bed to sleep in, medical care, and an education. Most importantly, the children receive love from those who thousands who grow up into mature, successful adults, call “mother.”

For the hungry and those in need of food and clean water, we support agricultural programs. These programs provide training and materials to assist farmers how to get the most from their small tracts of land or few dairy cattle in order to provide for their families. They’re also able to dig wells at schools and clinics which not only serve the institutions, but thousands of others in the surrounding communities.

In recognition that education is the key to success in the future, we build schools increasing opportunities for thousands of more children and youth to attend class. We also pay the school fees for hundreds of children each year in the poorest countries in the world, such as Chad.