Haramaya Health Center/Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital



Local Partner: Haramaya Health Center/Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital

Local Partner Director: Professor Augustin Sesay

Area Served: Eastern Ethiopia including Dire Drwa, Harar, Jijga and nearby communities


Program Goal: To provide an exceptional education and educational opportunities to Ethiopian children, youth and young adults.

Program Summary: The focus of the hospital is general medicine. The hospital’s strength is that it is also a regional hospital for the eastern part of the country which became a teaching hospital in 2011. It also offers specialties that small clinics cannot offer.

Background and History: Haramaya University was established with the initiative of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1954 based on the need for modernizing Ethiopian agriculture in particular, and education in general through the establishment of an agricultural college and training in partnership with Oklahoma State University.
A major landmark in the history of the college of agriculture was when the institution was upgraded to university status in 1985 and offered an expanded curriculum. Further expansions followed to offer Law, Business and Economics, Veterinary Medicine and Technology in the early 2000’s. The university was renamed Haramaya University in 2006.

Mission and Goal: The mission of Haramaya University is “to produce competent graduates in a wide spectrum of academic disciplines through quality education, to undertake academically, rigorous and social meaningful cutting-edge for research and to disseminate knowledge and technologies and provide community services.
The goal of Haramaya University is “to evolve as an autonomous and independent (academic and research institution) graduate and research university with a competitive national and international quality and relevance standards in its academic, research and community services endeavors.”

Partnership with Bread and Water for Africa®:
Provides textbooks for elementary, middle and high school students with emphasis on science, English and literature, mathematics, information technology and social sciences. In 2016, through our “Bright Minds Book Project” Bread and Water for Africa® shipped a 40-foot cargo container containing 22,000 textbooks which were distributed to 54 school libraries benefiting thousands of students.
Provides medical equipment and supplies as well as life-saving medicines to the Haramaya University Hospital and the five hospitals and clinic it operates in rural areas. Through the donations received by Haramaya from Bread and Water in Africa® in 2016 more than 86,000 Ethiopian children, women and men received medical services. A single 40-foot shipping container full of medical supplies can provide supplies worth up to $350,000.

More information about Haramaya University is available by visiting its website at http://www.haramaya.edu.et/