Big Thanks – Counting Our Blessings

Friday, November 9, 2012

Big Thanks – Counting Our Blessings

Friday, November 9, 2012

photo-of-month The challenges in Africa that we face together are not small. But our achievements are not small either.

This November, we are sharing our thankfulness. We have so much to be thankful for.

Most importantly we are thankful for our supporters. Click to see what else we are thankful for…


phyllis-with-infant Phyllis Keino

Jos Creemers

Reverand Mambu

yimer Yimer Mohammed

Margaret Makambira

FOR the 97 children who have a new lease on life at the Lewa Children’s Home in Kenya, thanks to their mother Phyllis Keino.

FOR the passion, knowledge, and commitment of Jos Creemers to grow crops, food, and hope at the Baraka Farm every day.

FOR the nurses like Mamie Baindu who help thousands of mothers and newborns each year in Sierra Leone through our partners’ maternity clinics.

FOR Reverend Mambu’s vision of a Sierra Leone restored and renewed from the devastation of its civil war through the efforts of its people to restore infrastructure and give education, healthcare, and food for all.

FOR Angela Miyanda’s work providing the opportunity of a brighter future through the Kabwata Transit Centre and Outreach Program offers to Zambian HIV orphans who would otherwise face unspeakable harm and danger living on the streets.

FOR the empowerment and support provided through program Director, Mrs. Esther H. Ndichafah at Hope Services is striving to provide for widows in Cameroon through the construction of a bakery and provision of jobs for local women.

FOR the education and skills that YETEEM Children and Destitute Mother’s Fund provides for Ethiopians to support their need for food security and their dreams of self sufficiency and the dedication of their Yimer Mohammed, Founder/Executive Director.

FOR the dedication of Ms. Margaret Makambira at Shinga Development Trust to holistically support communities in Zimbabwe and Mozambique through schools, cooperative farming, orphan care, and vocational training – helping her fellow countrymen to help themselves.

FOR ALL of our partners in Africa who volunteer to better their communities and coordinate with our team at Bread and Water for Africa® to ensure that resources go to the children, mothers, families, and projects that need them most desperately.

FOR our loyal supporters throughout the US who can empathize with the daily struggles of Africans who strive to build a better tomorrow for their families, communities, and country.

FOR the compassion of our friends and supporters who have continued to hold faith in our mission and vision.

….We are eternally Thankful.

What are you thankful for this year? Tell us via email or share on our Facebook page.

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