From the earliest days of Bread and Water for Africa® our primary focus has been providing safe, loving homes for thousands of orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and most recently, Sierra Leone. Thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® these children’s basic needs were met no longer living in fear and uncertainty what the future might hold for them.

Lewa Children’s Home — Eldoret, Kenya








The Lewa Children’s Home was founded in partnership with Bread and Water for Africa® with Phyllis Keino, our international volunteer spokesperson, 1980s to provide a loving home for orphaned and abandoned children. Since that time, through our partnership and the generosity of our supporters, today Lewa is the home of about 100 children, many who arrive as infants and toddlers and spend their entire childhoods there where they receive loving care, three meals daily and a warm bed to sleep in every night, health care and an education to prepare them for a bright future ahead as successful adults.

Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre — Lusaka, Zambia








The Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre has partnered with Bread and Water for Africa® for more than two decades providing a loving home for orphaned children, many whose parents died from HIV/AIDS, some of whom were sadly born with the virus themselves and were shunned by their extended family members. Today, founder and director Angela Miyanda is continuing her mission of meeting the basic necessities of life for the approximately 60 children in her care, as well as more than 100 others in local community living with extended families or in foster care.

Lerato Children’s Village — Mutare, Zimbabwe








The Lerato Children’s Village was constructed a few years ago in partnership with Bread and Water for Africa® and our longtime partner Shinga Development Trust and its founder and director Margaret Makambira in response to the government’s new regulation that teenagers cannot be housed on the same facility as younger children. Today, these youth — no longer children, but not yet adults prepared to live on their own — are able to live in a home-like setting with house mothers and are able to continue their education while still receiving support for basic needs including food and shelter until they complete school and are able to become self-sufficient.

Karen Baird Children’s Home — Moriba, Sierra Leone








The Karen Baird Children’s Home, established in 2009, is among the newest partners of Bread and Water for Africa® and we are pleased to be able to join with them in their mission of providing orphans and vulnerable children in the community with a caring home and saving them from fending for themselves living on the streets. Today, it is home to more than 100 children who are relying on our supporters and our longtime partner in the country, Faith Healing Development Organization, to keep them fed and healthy through our support of a rice farm.