At Bread and Water for Africa® we believe that education is not just a key to success, but THE key which opens the door to a brighter future.

And that is certainly the case in sub-Saharan African countries where for millions of children their greatest wish – to attend school – is but a dream as their parents, if they have any, cannot afford to pay school fees and purchase mandatory school uniforms and other expenses.

Instead, these children spend their days fetching water – particularly girls – and doing menial, manual backbreaking labor that defines their life, likely sadly for their entire lives.

Over the decades we have collaborated with our local partners working in Chad, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe to provide primary and second school educations to thousands of children and youth giving them a fair chance at a better life.

In this past year alone, thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®, nearly 2,000 children were able to proudly attend school and gain the knowledge that sets them on a path out of dire poverty and into a life of self-sufficiency and prosperity.

For example, in Chad, a total of 200 orphaned and destitute primary and secondary school students from the village of Lolo were sponsored with school fees, uniforms and school supplies; in Kenya, more than 200 students benefitted from the Seed School’s new school construction project; in Sierra Leone, a total of 990 students received quality primary and secondary school educations provided by Faith Healing Development Organization’s five nursery and primary schools and four secondary schools and a total of 300 destitute students were provided with mandatory school uniforms, footwear and face masks at 10 primary schools; and in Zimbabwe, a total of 150 primary and secondary school students from the villages of Dora East and Dora West and surrounding areas were served through our school fees support program and provided with required school uniforms and school supplies.

Among those orphaned and vulnerable children who are attending Dora Secondary School in Mutare right now is Lorcadia Goto who describes the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® as her “guardian angels” and expresses her sincere gratitude “in appreciation of the good work that you are doing in my life.

“I have been suffering a lot in the past years when both my parents died,” she told us. “I was staying with my grandparents and they could not afford to send me to school or provide me with a school uniform and stationery.

And to our supporters, Lorcadia says, “I want to express my gratitude to you – because of you I am now going to school every day and my school performance is improving in that regard.

“It is really a wonderful thing that you are doing, because of what you are doing I am now able to have a second chance in life.”