Program Director: Rev. Francis A. M. Mambu

Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone

Mission: To increase and strengthen the organization’s presence in the various areas of operations throughout the country. This will help to improve the well-being of the communities we serve, thereby making life meaningful for them and their families.

Faith Healing Development Organization is a long-time partner of Bread and Water for Africa®

“Our programs target the basic aspects of life – food, health, and education. The per capita income of the country is low, and many people find it difficult to feed themselves. 

We have made considerable effort with support from BWA in this direction but there is still room for improvement. “

Reverend Francis A. M.  Mambu. Faith Healing Development Organization Founder and Executive Director


Together we have worked for many years to address the critical needs in the impoverished country, including:

  • providing access to healthcare, especially for young mothers and infants, and children under five;
  • expanding educational opportunities for children and youth by building schools;
  • digging wells so thousands in rural communities have access to safe drinking water;
  • offering programs to support small farmers, particularly women, so they can feed their families.


Faith Healing Development Organization is seeking funding to increase the number of sponsorships for women and youth to train them in the best agricultural farming practices to make the most of their small gardening plots and provide them with essential gardening tools, seeds, and gardening supplies including fertilizer to ensure they can grow enough not only feed their families but also to have a surplus to sell at local markets.

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Planting Season Off to a Good Start in Sierra Leone

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