Kebeneti High School

Chairman: Titus Korir

Location: Kericho, Kenya


“To provide quality education services to the community at affordable cost.”

The goal of the secondary school is “To produce competent, well-mannered citizens and leaders for our community and country.”

The school’s motto is: “Endeavor to Excel” and its long-term goal for its students is to “provide education for the future leaders of the community and our country.”


The current need at the school is simply to be able to expand even further to provide educatiom to even more people and youth.

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Keeping Kenya’s children learning through COVID-19

Keeping Kenya’s children learning through COVID-19

For far too many children in Kenya, the opportunity to attend school is a privilege, not a guarantee, and during the worst of the COVID-19 and schools were closed throughout the country last year and the first part of this year, they were devasted in a myriad of ways,...

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