CB Richardson
Memorial Tribute to CB Richardson: Serving Selflessly for Four Decades

Thursday, November 18, 2021

CB Richardson
Memorial Tribute to CB Richardson: Serving Selflessly for Four Decades

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Dear Friends and Supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®,

It is with great sadness I report the passing of Clyde “C.B.” Richardson on November 6, 2021, a member of the Christian Relief Services Board of Directors (the parent organization of Bread and Water for Africa®) for more than 32 years who served as Treasurer for most of those years. Remarkably board records indicate he was not in attendance for just three of the annual quarterly meetings during all that time!

To me, C.B. was much more than a member of the board who I worked with over the years, both he and his wife, Loretta, became among my closest and fondest friends.

“I will never forget traveling to Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe with CB twice in 2005 and 2008 to visit our partners who provide loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children and free medical care for the indigent. I will remember most of all the compassion he showed for the children living in the most challenging conditions imaginable, spending time talking to these children and encouraging them to focus on their education as the key to their future.

Bryan Krizek, President and CEO of Christian Relief Services, the son of Christian Relief Services founder Gene Krizek and his wife Addy commented on C.B.’s passing saying, “C.B., as he is known by all who knew him, was my father’s and mother’s longest and dearest friend for my entire life, and before. My dad, Gene Krizek, founder of Christian Relief Services, and mother, Addy, who served beside them on the Christian Relief Services Board of Directors for many years, all worked together with a single purpose – to make the world a better place for the less fortunate whether it was on the reservations in Indian Country, rural, remote villages in countries in sub-Saharan Africa, or in distressed communities throughout Appalachia.

“To know C.B. was to know what giving and kindness towards others is all about,” says Bryan. “He was an unstoppable force for making the world a better place.”

Bryan also noted that C.B. loved to travel, which took him around the globe, including every African country “but two,” he once had told him.

“He was looking to get back to international travel and talked about returning to Africa in the coming year as well as to help his high school alma mater, the Henderson Institute, now a historical museum of a segregated black high school in North Carolina.

“At 88 years old, he did not see his ‘work’ ending any time soon.

“Our prayers are with his belove wife, Loretta, and everyone who was fortunate enough to meet and know C.B. as well as those untold thousands around the world who benefited from his kind and loving heart for all.”

As for myself, C.B. motivated me to face challenges head-on and reminded me all the time that Africa is a continent that has tremendous potentials and resources to go forward in sustainable development to better the living standards of everyone.

C.B., you have made me a better person since I met you in 2001.

All of us here at Bread and Water for Africa® including our community partners across sub-Sharan Africa mourn the passing of C.B. Richardson and unite in honoring the exemplary life of a great selfless loving leader and friend of Africa’s children.

We fully appreciate the fact that C.B. inspiring leadership and pursuit of excellence have created Bread and Water for Africa® with an enviable reputation for accountability, transparency and trusted to serve the most venerable people in the United States and sub-Sharan Africa.

As we reflect upon the high standards he espoused, we are reminded of the many benefits we attribute to him every day as a formidable leader of our organization for over 30 years.

May he rest in well-deserved peace,

Bethelhem Tessema

Executive Director

Bread and Water for Africa®

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