Support The Super Moms

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Support The Super Moms

Thursday, May 10, 2012

phyllis-lgSend our Super Moms a Mother’s Day Card!

Mother’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate our moms. It’s a day to celebrate our supermoms. You know who they are. Supermoms are the fearless heroes whose dedication and hard work has helped families across the world avoid hunger, illiteracy, and poverty. With their limited resources and infrastructure, it’s a true miracle that they are able to make the difference they do – and it would certainly be impossible without your support.

cardLet May 13th be the day we highlight the supermoms of Bread and Water for Africa®.

Supermom Margaret Makambira, we thank you. Under your direction, Shinga Development Trust, has provided orphan care, agriculture and food self-sufficiency support literacy programs and vocational training to the women, men and children of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

phyllis-lgPhyllis Keino

Margaret Makambira

Esther H. Ndichafah

Angela Miyanda

We applaud Esther H. Ndichafah. After Cameroon’s orphans and prisoners endure hardships of war, poverty or psychological trauma, it’s uplifting to know your organization – Hope Services – exists. Thousands of refugees and orphans rely on Hope Services for strength, medical treatment and educational care.

Phyllis Keino we salute you and your heroic actions. For over 20 years, you have dedicated your life to providing shelter, education, and food to the people of Kenya. When orphans had nowhere to call home, Lewa’s Children’s Home opened its doors. Your efforts could have stopped there, but they didn’t. You noticed that older children in Kenya had limited access to education and so you put a plan into motion to change this. Your Kipkeino School grants over 280 students a higher education every year. Without your honorable actions these 5-17 year olds would have been left to unknown fates.

Angela Miyanda, we thank you for enduring in a country where one in four children are orphaned due to the prevalent HIV/AIDS epidemic that claims so many parents each year. Thanks to your efforts through the establishment and management of the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre, at least 75 children are housed, cared for, and provided the miraculous gift of education. Your outreach to over 400 children in the community provides hope for little ones who have none.

These amazing women stand against all odds to care for the children of Africa. This Mother’s Day, we at Bread and Water for Africa® humbly thank them for their efforts and inspiration as we strive to continue supporting their noble causes.

This week, send a card to Phyllis or one of our other amazing super-moms to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day. Or, make a donation in honor of your own mother as a special gift to show her your affection and gratitude for all of her effort.





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