Mumba’s Story: From the Kabwata Orphanage to Medical University Graduate

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Mumba’s Story: From the Kabwata Orphanage to Medical University Graduate

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

About two decades ago, Mumba was born in a Zambian prison.

The mother did not want the child the child to grow up in prison because of the environment was not ideal for a child and the extended family were not anywhere close for help.

Having no choice, not long after he was born, he was brought by government authorities to the Kabwata Orphanage and Transit Centre where he was taken into the loving arms of Kabwata’s founder and director, Angela Miyanda.

From six months to age 19, Kabwata was the only home he ever knew until he left to join a household for male young adults and preparing their path into adulthood and self-sufficiency.

Mumba was 13 years old in July 2015 when he was in grade 9 and wrote that “When I grow up I want to be an accountant” and listed all the classes he was taking including Maths, English, Cinyanja (a Bantu language spoken by some in Zambia), French, Social Studies, Computer Studies, Business Studies and Science.

“I like all the subjects,” he told us at the time, however as a typical teenager he questioned why he would need to know how to read, write and speak French, while noting that his hobbies are playing football and reading.

Fast forward five years, and Mumba is 18 years old, has completed his secondary school education and is a student at Mwanawasa Medical University where he was currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Health Sciences, described by the University as “the branch of public health concerned with monitoring or mitigating those factors in the environment that affect human health and disease. (For example, air pollution is considered a huge environmental health issue.)

“It’s an exciting program for me because I am learning how to ensure that the environment is safe for people to live in,” he told us in 2020 when he was in the first year of the three-year program. “It has been an awesome experience for me at school,” he added, having graduated this year.

Angela, who has been a true mother to Mumba his entire life, says “We have always known he was a smart boy when at school “he topped the classes everywhere he went,” and pointing out that he has served as a role model for many of children who also call Kabwata home.

“My most fond memories of Mumba are of his wide smile on his face when he is very happy, and his always being a good “big brother” to all the young boys.”

And as a good “son” and “brother,” Angela adds, “He visits whenever possible – and helps out with the work!”

From Mumba himself, he wants the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® to know how grateful he is for helping them realize his dream:

“Being educated is one of the best things I’ve ever wanted.

“Thank you for all your support and may the good Lord bless you.”

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