Program Director: Catherine Norman

Mission: To improve lives in a sustainable way for the members of the communities, especially where there are UMC Congregations.

Location: Sierra Leone

The most pressing need in Sierra Leone is healthcare. The United Methodist Church of Sierra Leone (UMCSL) operates four hospitals and five maternity and health centers to meet the health needs of the impoverished people throughout the country.

Bread and Water for Africa® has assisted UMCSL in its mission by shipping medicines and medical supplies for use in its free and low-cost hospitals and clinics.

In addition, UMCSL operates schools to provide children and youth with the education they will need to become successful adults. Among their graduates, who are working all throughout Sierra Leone, are lawyers, engineers, pastors, business executives, administrators, elected officials and diplomats.

Bread and Water for Africa® has provided tens of thousands of books to school libraries operated by UMCSL including secondary schools in Makeni, Koidu, Freetown and Mondema which are not only available to students and staff, but also to members of the surrounding communities


UMCSL requests more medical supplies and medicine.

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