At Bread and Water for Africa® take pride in all that we were able to accomplish in 2021 working with our partners in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe — all thanks to our generous and compassionate supporters without whom none of it would happen.

For example, last year more than 23,000 individuals in Sierra Leone and Zambia benefited from food self-sustainability development programs; in Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda more than 150,000 are benefiting from 42 clean water programs supported by Bread and Water for Africa®; and in Chad, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe 1,840 children were able to attend school with support of our school fees program, to cite just a few.

But at Bread and Water for Africa®, we are not one to rest on our laurels.

Already, just a week into the new year, we are planning on constructing more water wells in Malawi and sponsoring a dozen spring water protection projects in Uganda, as well as constructing a well for a school in Chad — our first water project in that country.

With the coronavirus pandemic still making inroads in sub-Saharan Africa, we are already making arrangements to ship more medicines and medical supplies, and equipment to our partners who operate hospitals and clinics in Malawi and Sierra Leone, as well as ship hundreds of wheelchairs to our healthcare program partners in Ethiopia.

To promote food security and self-sustainability we will again be providing agricultural training and farming tools for 75 rural women and young people in Sierra Leone, as well as ship a tractor and farm equipment to a children’s home there to support its large-scale farming operation.

Our big capital project this year is to construct and furnish a library at the Kebeneti Secondary School in Kenya where we have already over the years constructed classrooms, a laboratory, a cafeteria, and a kitchen to help accommodate the needs of the growing student body.

All of this — and more — are what we have on the table for 2022. Please follow the progress of these projects here at — and know that any support you could provide this year will go a long way to help transform the lives of tens of thousands of children, their parents and grandparents.

Thanks You!

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