With Help from Bread and Water Africa® Kenyan Children Living in Slum Will Rise Up from Their Humble Background

Friday, October 28, 2022

With Help from Bread and Water Africa® Kenyan Children Living in Slum Will Rise Up from Their Humble Background

Friday, October 28, 2022

In 2019, Bread and Water for Africa® began our partnership with the Seed Foundation which operates its Seed School in Kibera, a vast slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, among the largest on the African continent.

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to provide grant funding for the school to provide two meals each school day for all of its 200 students, an act that program manager Patrick Odongo reports is both a major incentive for the primary school students to attend classes every day, and a welcome relief for the parents and guardians.

Bread and Water for Africa® executive director Beth Tessema first visited the school shortly before initiating our partnership and saw firsthand the deplorable conditions of the school building and classrooms where dedicated teachers and staff are doing all they can to provide these children, among the poorest in the world, with an education to lead them to a successful life beyond the slum.

Last April, Patrick approached Beth with a request for help to renovate the school building located in the heart of the slum.

“We have been undertaking a massive overhaul of the entire Seed School structure since the year 2019,” he told her. “Unfortunately, our project never had ready resources to undertake this project.

“All the savings spared to do any work on this have since run out.”

In his request , Patrick described Bread and Water for Africa® as “our lifeline partner” and said the funding would be used to purchase materials and “gather together a professionally dedicated team to roll out the plan.”

Patrick is determined to getting the construction project completed one step at a time.

“The Seed School previously operated its activities in a semi-temporary structure that experienced seasonal damages from flooding, and the structure itself was not conducive for smooth learning of the children,” he told us. “The current project will produce a fully-fledged primary school and library for the students attending the school and additional children from the community.

“The school is up and running and we are strategically working towards self-sustainability,” he says. “Completion of this project will enable more independence and self-reliance.”

“Bread and Water for Africa® has been our lifeline supporter for our school feeding program and the school construction project making for a very conducive educational environment for the children in Kibera and beyond.

“This support has been a great privilege accorded to us. We are on the verge of completing the building whereby we are going to go into many world affairs.

“Completion of this new school building to the Seed Foundation will be a major milestone in our struggles over the years.

“With  the library and model classes with a trained teaching staff we will be bringing  the future generation up from a humble background.”

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