Hope Services, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hope Services, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Local Partner: Hope Services

Program Director: Mrs. Esther H. Ndichafah

Area Served: Center, Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon

Program Goal: The objective of this organization is to provide holistic care in medical, psychological, social, educational and spiritual domains to the total person in the name of Jesus Christ.

Program Service provided: The program provides care that embodies medical, psychosocial, educational, and spiritual areas of an individual. It is open to all persons irrespective of tribe, race, status, sex, or religion, with emphasis on the underprivileged, prisoners, widows, orphans, handicapped, traumatized and the homeless.

Pregnant-Women-receiving-leNumber of program Beneficiaries: Over 50,000 Cameroonians annually

Current Need: Hope Services has been making plans for a project requested by local community members to construct a multi-purpose, income-generating vocational training and empowerment center in Bangolan Village – located about six hours from the capital in Yaounde – for women, youth, children and other less privileged persons. These marginalized populations will be taught basic education and self-sustaining skills. The project will be in phases. The most current and pressing need will be to raise enough funds to cover the first phase of this project, which would render the center partially operational until the second phase can begin.

Program Summary: Hope Services was created on December 19, 1994 with the core value to reach man with God’s love through meeting an individual’s basic needs. In 1997, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cameroon issued authorization for Mrs. Esther H. NDICHAFAH to run a Health Structure within the Essos neighborhood, of the nation’s capital in Yaoundé. This health structure (HPS Clinic & Maternity) has a capacity of 40 patient admission beds and has been the primary source of income that sponsors all spiritual and humanitarian activities carried out by Hope Services Ministry International.


In addition, Hope Services operates a medical outreach program to villages in the Northwest Region twice a year and their medical structure in Yaounde meets the need of more than 50,000 persons each year at free or very minimal cost. The programs are also currently meeting the health needs of Yaounde Urban Refugees. With the influx of these refugees, the medical facility has become severely overcrowded and Hope Services hopes to pursue a project of expansion for its operation theater and admission rooms.

Hope Services has also started a micro-loan program to help aid individuals become self-sufficient.  It also completed a structure for a bakery to produce income and provide jobs.

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