There is hope for those living in Tanzania with the help of our youth porgrams.
Living in Tanzania: How We Help With Health, Education, and More!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

There is hope for those living in Tanzania with the help of our youth porgrams.
Living in Tanzania: How We Help With Health, Education, and More!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tanzania is an African country located between the continent’s eastern and central regions. With a population of roughly 63.3 million people, it is one of the most populous countries in Africa. Tanzania has a diversified economy featuring both industry and agriculture. It is also an economy fueled by tourism to its famous wildlife-rich national parks such as Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro. The country is home to more than 120 different ethnic groups and those living in Tanzania have experienced rapid economic growth in recent years.

Poverty remains a significant problem in Tanzania with estimates indicating that over 49% of the population lives below the poverty line. The country faces numerous challenges. Those challenges include food insecurity, poor infrastructure and access to health care and education, unreliable energy sources, and environmental degradation. Additionally, high levels of inequality exist between urban and rural areas. Despite recent economic growth, the impoverished areas within Tanzania need help to keep up with the changing landscape. Government initiatives have been attempted to combat these issues. However, it is clear that much more needs to be done in order to help those living in poverty. 

Breaking the Cycle

At Bread and Water for Africa, we have made it our mission to break the cycle of poverty. We accomlish this mission by providing sustainable and meaningful resources to the impoverished people living in Tanzania. We focus on working with our partners and the communities to provide access to food, clean water, education, healthcare, and other basic necessities. More than that, Bread and Water for Africa believes in investing in community development. These projects include working on infrastructure improvements and aiding to increase and diversify agricultural production and protect the environment. 

Another top focus includes providing the resources needed to help those children who have been orphaned and abandoned. Otherwise, these children would be left alone, without support, food, and the education required to better themselves.

What We Do

Working with our numerous partners in Tanzania, we provide healthcare for the country’s most vulnerable; infants and children under 5 and their mothers, orphans with no one to care for and love them, and parents struggling to provide the basic necessities. Two of our collaborative programs include:

Orphan Care Through Watoto Wa Africa

Our partner, Watoto Wa Africa, is based in Mwanza, Tanzania. Their main focus is to improve the welfare of vulnerable orphans and street children living in Tanzania. As of January 2023, the orphanage housed 86 such children. The mission of Watoto Wa Africa is to provide for these children’s basic needs, such as shelter, food, clothing, education, and medical care, in an environment that helps them reach their full potential. All children should have the right to grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually and be afforded the opportunity for a fun and safe childhood. Through the mission, with the funding from Bread and Water for Africa, Watoto Wa Africa strives to give these young lives a chance at a bright future.

Action for Ngono Basin Reforestation

Action for Ngono Basin Reforestation (ACT-NGONO) is a program based in Muleba District, Tanzania, that helps protect the local environment while also advancing health, education, and economic growth in the wider community. The program works directly with local communities to increase incomes, improve health and education services, and diversify agricultural production. It also takes steps to protect the environment by building appropriate water supply and sanitation systems. ACT-NGONO also seeks to address child malnutrition, support highly vulnerable children, and strengthen local capacities in development. Our support of ACT-NGONO over the past two years has focused on refurbishing non-functioning wells which had been sitting unused for years – even decades – due to lack of maintenance and repairs. Today, it is estimated that the repaired wells in eight villages are providing clean water to approximately 12,000 individuals – every single day!

Stories of Help and Hope

A Home For Tonga

An example of one of those individuals personally affected is now 12-year-old Taonga. Taonga was sent to Lusaka by her impoverished family. She was sent there to work but ended up on the streets until the police brought her to Kabwata. Upon finding her, it was decided that she would have a brighter future at the Kabwata Orphanage than she would if sent back to her remote village where the nearest water source is three miles away and where there is no school to educate her or health clinic to care for her. Taonga is now attending first grade with the help of our generous supporters and partners.

Providing Access to Clean Water

How often do you think about water? Probably not very often. For most people, it’s as easy as going to the sink and turning on the tap. However, sadly, most people living in Tanzania don’t have access to this basic building block of life. And if they do, chances are it’s not very clean. Can you imagine thinking that the water you drink could kill you? It’s a crazy thought, yet the World Health Organization estimates that roughly 115 individuals ranging from children to the elderly in sub-Saharan Africa die EVERY HOUR due to a lack of clean water. 

Luckily, this is no longer the case for eight small villages thanks to working with our partner, Action for Ngono Basin Reforestation (ACTNGONO). These village wells required repairs for the people to have access to clean water. The wells were fully repaired, and residents had access to clean water. By providing clean water, we are also reducing the health crisis. Residents can now avoid the common illnesses and infections attributable to drinking contaminated water.

How You Can Help

There is hope for those living in Tanzania who struggle to attain the basic necessities in life. Bread and Water for Africa, with the help of our partners, are determined to make a difference and provide much-needed support. We understand the enormity of this challenge but remain committed to ensuring everyone has access to the resources they need from childhood up to adulthood. Our goal is to cultivate hope and empower communities through our charitable efforts. Please join our efforts to provide these fundamental human rights and donate at

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