Program Manager: Josephat Kirutu Robogo


Mission: The mission of Watoto Wa Africa is to improve the welfare of vulnerable orphaned and street children and to provide for their basic needs (shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, etc.) in a safe environment where they can develop to reach their full potential.

Location: Mwanza, Tanzania

Program Description: The primary focus of Watoto Wa Africa is caring for orphaned and other vulnerable children. As of January 2023, its orphanage was home to 86 orphans and street children.

Watoto Wa Africa hopes to provide these children with a chance of a bright future and is dedicated to children protection and development in the belief that all children should have the right to develop intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, as well as to play and have a fun, safe childhood.


Current Needs

To improve the living conditions at the dormitories through the procurement of mattresses, general repairs of the beds, making of new beds and purchasing of bed linens and mosquito nets to benefit 86 children.

Latest News/Blogs

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How to Help Orphans in Africa

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