Through our school fee assistance program, we pay school fees for hundreds of impoverished primary and secondary school- age children who otherwise would have no opportunity for an education. In addition, with your support, we have constructed schools, such as the Kipkeino Primary School in Kenya, and are nearing completion of the Logos Academy in Sierra Leone. In addition, we recently funded the construction of additional classrooms and a laboratory at the Kebeneti Secondary School in Kenya.



orphaned and destitute primary and secondary school students from Chad, Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Zimbabwe received quality education through school fees, sponsorship support programs, uniforms, school supplies, and recently built classrooms.

Students in Ethiopia and Uganda benefited from tens of thousands of textbooks and reference books shipped to our partners there for distribution to schools.

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School Fee Support Program in Chad: “A Miracle” for Many

School Fee Support Program in Chad: “A Miracle” for Many

Today, January 24, is the United Nations’ International Day of Education which was adopted in December 2018 to celebrate the role of education for bringing global peace and sustainable development. At Bread and Water for Africa®, we recognize and appreciate today’s...

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