Through our school fee assistance program, we pay school fees for hundreds of impoverished primary and secondary school- age children who otherwise would have no opportunity for an education. In addition, with your support, we have constructed schools, such as the Kipkeino Primary School in Kenya, and are nearing completion of the Logos Academy in Sierra Leone. In addition, we recently funded the construction of additional classrooms and a laboratory at the Kebeneti Secondary School in Kenya.



primary and secondary school students from the village of Dora and surrounding areas in Zimbabwe received assistance with their school fees and uniforms through a program manage by our partner, Shinga Development Trust.

secondary school and primary school students in Bahir Dar communities, Ethiopia benefited from the use of 22,000 donated textbooks and reference books at their school libraries.

students received quality primary and secondary school education provided by Faith Healing Development Organization schools in Sierra Leone, orphaned, and destitute primary and secondary school students from the villages of Bangolan in Cameroon and Lolo in the Republic of Chad were sponsored for school fees, uniforms, and school supply support.

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They Eat, Grow, Study: School Feeding Changing Life in Kenya!

They Eat, Grow, Study: School Feeding Changing Life in Kenya!

In January, thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®, we were able to provide a grant to provide two meals each school day to 125 children attending the Seed School in the Nairobi slum of Kibera for the entire academic term. But that was before the...

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