Health Care Program

We are working with our partners in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and Zambia to provide access to healthcare services for tens of thousands. In Cameroon, your support has helped us to construct a clinic and a primary school.

“The people of Sierra Leone are lovely and hospitable. However, they are limited by illiteracy, joblessness, and difficulties of accessing the basic necessities of life. Your support is contributing immensely in alleviating the suffering of the masses. Your assistance will create a lasting impact on the lives of children yet unborn. Women who were mostly affected during the war, who could not afford to provide a day’s meal for themselves and a basic maternal care they need to survive, but now, pregnant women do have maternal care. Thank you!”

Reverend Francis A. M.  Mambu. Faith Healing Development Organization Founder and Executive Director, Sierra Leone



Individuals received medical care, counseling, and health education at 45 hospitals, health centers, and clinics in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya and Malawi.

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