Thousands of Lives Transformed By A Single Well in Waterloo

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thousands of Lives Transformed By A Single Well in Waterloo

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

In Waterloo, Sierra Leone life has changed dramatically for the better in the past year.

Thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®, children who had spent their days carrying water from possible contaminated sources are free from that drudgery and are able to attend the primary school in the village.

At the Waterloo clinic, patients being treated for illness and injury no longer worry if they will get even sicker by drinking unsafe water containing dysentery, E. coli or Typhoid fever or that their wounds would become infected by dirty water.

And for the community as a whole, entire families have access to all the clean, safe water they need to cook, wash and bathe.

All because of one single well.

Earlier this year, Bread and Water for Africa® learned from our partner there, Faith Healing Development Organization, that there was a great need for clean water in Waterloo that hundreds, even thousands, were contracting waterborne diseases and otherwise healthy people endured needless suffering, some even death.

We embarked on a campaign to bring a “Well to Waterloo” and our supporters responded with generous gifts enough to drill a well on the grounds of the primary school, which serves the nearby clinic, and which provides water enough for thousands in the village.

A year ago for the children, women and men of Waterloo ready access to clean, safe water was not even a dream.

Today it is the reality.

Bread and Water for Africa® has been drilling wells in countries throughout Africa for nearly 20 years and we have seen firsthand the transformation in the lives tens of thousands for whom clean water is no longer unattainable but readily available.

In the coming year, we have already identified three other communities in Sierra Leone that are just like Waterloo was, and by this time next year we intend to have wells drilled there providing clean water to thousands more.

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