Finding hope during poverty in Kenya
Finding Hope During Poverty in Kenya: How Our Partners Help Kenyan Families

Monday, December 4, 2023

Finding hope during poverty in Kenya
Finding Hope During Poverty in Kenya: How Our Partners Help Kenyan Families

Monday, December 4, 2023

Poverty continues to remain a pressing issue for a significant portion of Kenya’s population. In 2022, 8.9 million Kenyans lived in extreme poverty, earning below $1.90 US dollars per day. These numbers highlight the significant challenges that millions face with day-to-day disparities such as food, water, clothing, and shelter, just to name a few, due to poverty in Kenya.

Thanks to Bread and Water for Africa’s partners and donors, we provide hope to thousands of children, the elderly, and families suffering from poverty in Kenya. In this article, we will share about the disparities millions of Kenyans face, the missions we support, and how you can help, too. 

To contribute to families living in poverty in Kenya, visit our donations page.

The Effects of Poverty in Kenya

Unemployment and Underemployment: High levels of unemployment and underemployment pose many challenges for families in Kenya. Gender inequality plays a significant role in limited access to education and employment. This can lead to financial instability, limiting access to basic necessities for Kenyan families. 

Limited Access to Education: 1.13 children (between the ages of 6 and 13) do not attend school in Kenya. Factors such as long distances to schools, lack of proper infrastructure, and economic constraints often result in children, especially in rural areas, being unable to attend school regularly. 

Limited Access to Healthcare: Poverty often restricts families’ access to healthcare services. Inadequate healthcare infrastructure, particularly in rural areas, can result in families neglecting health needs due to financial constraints. This, in turn, leads to increased illness, reduced productivity, and a perpetuation of the cycle of poverty.

Our Partners Help Us Make a Difference for Kenyan Families in Poverty

Bread and Water for Africa partners with organizations throughout Africa to help the poverty situation faced in their countries. Below are the partners we collaborate with to bring hope to families facing poverty in Kenya. 

Kebeneti D.S.A Dispensary

Our partner from Kebeneti D.S.A Dispensary in Kericho, Kenya, has a mission to provide quality health services to Kenyan individuals and families at an affordable cost. In rural Kenya, access to healthcare is limited, especially for those living in poverty who cannot afford it. Thanks to  Kebeneti D.S.A Dispensary and the generosity of our donors, access to healthcare has become available to an average of 2,500 families per year. 

To read about the impact of our combined efforts, read our blog post, Kebeneti Clinic is Saving Lives in Rural Kenya with Help from Bread and Water for Africa

Kebeneti High School

Bread and Water for Africa partners with Kebeneti High School in Kericho, Kenya in their mission to provide quality education to the community at an affordable cost. The school has a long-term goal to “provide education for the future leaders of the community and our country.” Education is sparse in the rural areas of Kenya, so our goal is to expand their reach even further, providing education for more students living in poverty in Kenya. 

To learn more about the impact of our affiliation with Kebeneti High School, read our blog post, Kebeneti Secondary School Library Project Completed: ‘The Best Place to Be’ Says Grateful Student

Kipkeino Primary School

We partner with Kipkeino Primary School in their mission to provide quality preschool and primary education in a positive teaching environment to Kenyan children. Bread and Water for Africa constructed the school 20 years ago, providing educational opportunities for orphans and abandoned children at Lewa Children’s Home. We believe our combined efforts will continue to have lasting impacts on families for years to come. 

Our current need is to expand the computer lab and library. Learn more on our Kipkeino Primary School page. 

Lewa Children’s Home 

Lewa Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya, holds a special place in our hearts. It was founded by our director, Phyllis Keino, over 3 decades ago, providing a caring home for orphaned and abandoned children in western central Kenya. Hundreds of children have matured into successful adults from the impact of Lewa Children’s Home. 

Currently, Lewa Children’s Home needs funding to hire afterschool teachers and educators for children with special needs. To read about the impact of the organization, read our blog, Infant Twins Levi and Lily Found a Loving Home in the Lewa Children’s Home.

Baraka Farm 

Lewa Children’s Home receives quality milk, produce, and grains from Baraka Farm. In our partnership, Bread and Water of Africa provides funding (thanks to our generous donors) to keep the farm working efficiently to feed and nourish the children. Local farmers are trained in agriculture techniques and methods to care for cattle and other farm animals. 

Our current need is to provide funding to expand the greenhouse structure. To learn more about the impact of the organization, read, Kenya – Baraka Farm Creates Powerful Dairy Farmers.

The Seed Foundation

In partnership with The Seed Foundation, our mission is to transform the lives of Kenyan children living in poverty with quality education. Located in Nairobi, a community of Kibera, Kenya, The Seed Foundation serves children in the slums of the city with education, supplemented by a feeding program. We believe that proper nutrition coincides with optimal learning. The feeding program provides 2 meals per day to every student. 

The Seed Foundation currently needs additional funding assistance for the feeding program and school fees. To learn more about the impacts of the organization, read our blog, Eat, Grow and Study Seed School Meals Program: Feeding Body and Mind and Spirit in the Slum of Kibera.

Thank You to Our Partners and Donors Who Transform the Lives of Families in Poverty in Kenya

Bread and Water for Africa is thankful to our generous partners and donors. It is because of the dedication of our combined efforts that we, along with our partners bring hope to thousands of families and children in need throughout Kenya. You, too, can bring hope to those living in poverty in Kenya. Your donation to Bread and Water for Africa, no matter how big or small, can make a lasting impact on Kenyan people for generations to come.

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